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About Strömsnäs camping

Here you can read about our camping history. Why was the campsite founded? 

Strömsnäs camping

Strömsnäs Naturcamping is a nature campsite that started in 1989.
The ambition when the campsite started, which was then a pure wilderness campsite, was that it would not grow too big, but the characteristics of nature would be preserved. Here you would feel like you were in the middle of Swedish nature.

Over the years, some extensions have been made such as municipal water and sewage, two modern service buildings and electricity to most of the sites. In addition, we have created barbecue areas down by the road where we also have three bathing areas and a jetty for occasional guests.

This has been done without changing the peaceful and scenic environment of the campsite.

About strömsnäs camping - Our mission

The campsite was created with the aim of making all guests feel comfortable, welcome and have a pleasant experience at our scenic campsite. With us, nature is at the centre with the Göta Canal passing by. You have cycling distance to scenic forests and wonderful Forsvik. Also take the opportunity to visit Karlsborg Fortress and Tiveden National Park. 

Our campsite has slightly larger pitches than normal to ensure you have a stress-free time and recharge your batteries. Dogs are very welcome and we have a special dog bath for our four-legged friends

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Strömsnäs Naturcamping
Strömsnäs, 546 73 Forsvik

GPS coordinates:

Latitude: 58.700556

Longitude: 14.588333

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